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What is SEO?

SEO is a technique to improve Search Engine Results with Organic Traffic. Basically, Search Engine Optimization is the Organic Ranking of any Web Page in Google Search Results.

Optimize Your Google Rankings - SEO SKOL "A website without ranking is just like a gun without bullet, that can have no results"

SEO Basics

To master SEO, you should have the basic knowledge about Web and Search Engines. Learning both 'World Wide Web' and the 'Google' is an important part for ranking any website.

Lets start with the basics of SEO

SEO Types

All types have different strategies but share same goals (Optimization). Firstly, our seo guide describes three main SEO Types: Off-Page, On-Page, and Technical-SEO. Further are SEO Sub-Types that are also defined.

Learn SEO Types and become Ranking Expert

SEO Standards

To maintain SEO Quality for long time, irrelevant methods of Optimization should be avoided to rank spammy websites. Search Engine Optimization Standards force the SEO professionals to make websites more clear & relevant.

By following SEO Standards, you can maintain your website quality

SEO Tips & Tricks

User friendly sites have much more results as compared to irrelevant sites. The biggest mistake that people do is, while ranking something; they forget the users and keep all their focus on search engines and crawlers. SEO Guide explains deeply that contents main focus should be humans rather than Search Engines only.

Get tips for better ranking in google SERP's