Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the working of on-site code that is not visible to the users. Basically, Technical-SEO makes the website index better in search engines and make them crawl better over web.

By implementing Technical-SEO elements, you can make your website much stronger to be crawled fastly with reference to search engines like: Google, Bing etc. Following are the factors that represents Technical SEO.

  • XML Sitemap
  • SSL Certification
  • Remove Duplications
  • 301 Redirect
  • Mobile Friendly Site
  • AMP Webpages
  • 404 Redirect
  • Fix Load Time
  • Use Canonical Links
  • Google Search Console (Google Webmaster)

  • XML Sitemap

    XML Sitemap is a text document that determines the authority and importance of your web pages. An XML Sitemap file builds the structure of your site with reference Search Engines and Crawlers (Bots).

    "A website XML Sitemap acts as a structural indicatior for web crawlers"

    SSL Certification

    SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certification is the connection between the browser and web server that acts as a security proof, all around the web. (Online Certificate to be a Secure Website)

    "SSL Certification is a declaration for users: that the website is secure to use"

    Remove Duplications

    Duplicate content is reuse of material again and again on same page of different web pages of same domain. In SEO, Duplications creates a negative impact and Google renders all of them.

    "Duplications can lower your website Rankings"

    301 Redirect

    301 Redirect is the transfer of complete link authority that satisfies ranking quality of a website. It is the permanent transfer of “HTTP status code.”

    "Permanent Redirects have strong affiliation with SEO"

    Mobile Friendly Site

    Mobile-Friendly website means that the interface of the site is clearly visible to all mobile devices. It is designed in a way, that gives rich user experience.

    "More than half of the users ratio explore websites through mobile phones"

    AMP Webpages

    AMP Known as “Accelerated Mobile pages” is an open framework for mobile users to increase the compatibility and speed of a website on mobile devices.

    "AMP gives web-pages an instant boost"

    404 Redirect

    404 is the “page not found” response error due to inexact search of the web address. This can be avoided by the 404 Redirect to the parent page, if it provides the relative user experience.

    ".htaccess file is the right way to 404 Redirect"

    Fix Load Time

    Fixing Load Time is very important for Search Engine Optimization. You can enhance load time by compressing and optimizing the visuals, reducing JS and CSS files, and through fast hosting services.

    "Site Load Time is directly propotinal to SEO Ranking"

    Canonical URLs is the approach to specify your links from other pages with-in google lists. Google always prefers canonical links.

    "Canonical Urls comes in the head part of web-page"

    Google Search Console

    Google Search Console is (Google Webmaster Tool) is the right approach to boost SEO Ranking. It helps you managing your website with reference to google SERP’s.

    "Google Search Console is 'all in one Tool' for an SEO Expert"